45th Reunion Photos

Friday Night Reunion Photos

These pictures were taken Friday night (September 26, 2008) at the Trevose Holiday Inn Express, site of our 45th Reunion.  These classmates braved heavy rain to spend time together, share stories and enjoy some liquid refreshments!  They are identified by captions beneath each photo.

Above: Carol Patterson Heppe, Esther Watkins Fox and Sherry Buckley Warner

Above: Barbara Rivers Rigby

Above: Linda and Bill Mellus, and Edgar Fulmor

Above: Diane Messa Canter and Holly Welke Seckinger

Above: Diane Griffith Cogossi

Below:  Saturday Night Reunion Photos

Above: Roy Zehner

Above: Jerry Dorland and Sherry Buckley Warner

Above: Carola Ny Kempf and Carol Patterson Heppe

Above: Andrew Barniskis

Above: Holly Welke Seckinger

Above: Bob Baldwin

Above: Pat and Bob Andrassy

Above: Carol Zerbe

Above: Bill and Linda Mellus

Above: Herb Potter

Above: Carole Buckley and Bob Emery

Above: Mary Jo Webb-Gershaw

Above: Ruthann and Ed Fulmor

Above: Kathy Starr Hipple

Above: Carol Zerbe, Scott Parker and Brenda Weir

Above: Carol Mauser Cost and husband John

Above: Garrett and Kathleen Bastian-Garry

Above: Sue and Ed Kern

Above: Bill King and Brenda Weir

Above: Jerry Dorland, Esther Shapcott-Reetz and Carol Mauser Cost

Above: John McHale

Above: Pam Neudecker-Rush

 Above: Mark Ciccone and Bob Emery

Above: Diane Griffith Cogossi and Carola Ny Kempf

Above: Carol and Ira Barrows

Above: Wally Wilcox

Above: Carol Mauser Cost

Above: Caren and Brent Daugherty

Above: Phyllis Shields-Lavin and Lynette Meixall-Wray

Above: Bonnie and Charles Addis

Above: Bill and Donna Gerlach

Above: Ira Barrows

Above: Scott and Claudia Parker

Above: Karen Hefelfinger-Dumin

Above: Marion Landis-White

Above: Bob Baxter and Pat Knauss Baxter

 Above: Gene and Bobbie Chamberlain-Gregory

Above: Karen Giampietro-Cockran

Above: Tom Percetti and his lovely partner, Debbie

Above: Jean Wood-Gupta and husband Prabodh

Above: Bob Baldwin, Diane Messa Canter, Bob Emery and Bill Mellus

Above: Esther Goldbloom Kraeer

Above: Barbara Knittle Nadzam (I want that glass of wine and I want it NOW!)

Above: Jim Neitzel and his wife, Ann

Above: Pan Neudecker-Rush and Penny Wilkins-Jaxheimer

Above: Great friends: Carol, Esther, Karen, Carol, Brenda and Carole.

Above: Jim and Barbara Rivers-Rigby, and Dick Osterhout. John Reeder can be seen in short sleeved shirt behind Dick Osterhout.

Above: Harry Rice, Andy Barniskis and Brent Daugherty

Above: Richard Robertson

Above: Holly Welke-Seckinger and husband, Ray

Above: Jean Wood-Gupta and Ira Barrows

Above: Pat Knauss Baxter, Bill King and Carol Zerbe

Above: Pat Knauss Baxter, Sherry Buckley and Emil Oles

Above: Old friends Bill King, Rick Gimbel and Cliff Heizmann get together prior to the reunion.

Above: Karen Hefelfinger-Dumin, and Garret and Kathy Bastian-Garry

Above: Esther Watkins Fox and husband, Chick

 Above: Carol Mauser Cost, her husband, John, and Sue Kern


Above: Esther Shapcott Reetz, her husband, Harry, and Herb Potter


Above: Grace and George Hopf


Above: Sunday and Harry Rice

Above: Esther Shapcott Reetz, Esther Goldbloom Kraeer, and Jerry Dorland


Above: Karen and Stew Wilson


Above: Penny Wilkins-Jaxheimer and husband, William

Above: Sandra Simmons Giangrante and Bill King

Above: Emil Oles, Pat Knauss Baxter and husband, Bob

Above: Donna Gerlach and Anne Brant

Above: Diane Messa Canter

Above: Sherry Buckley Warner

Above: Bill Gerlach

Above: Joanne Stroh Scherberger and Carol Zerbe

Above: Carole Zerbe's significant other, Ken Klauder; Joanne Stroh's husband, Lutz Scherberger; and Roy Zehner.


Above: Carol Patterson Heppe, Esther Shapcott Reetz, Karen Hefelfinger-Dumin, Carol Mauser Cost, Brenda Egan Cole, and Carole Buckley


Above: The DJ and the dancing were terrific!


Above: Carola Ny Kempf and her friends showed their best moves !

Above: Caren and Brent Daugherty danced most of the evening.

Above: Diane Griffith Cogossi and Carole Buckley blocking two Pennsbury alumni from trying to crash the party.

Above: Brent and Caren Daugherty, Donna Gerlach, James Divini and Bill Gerlach

Above: Mark Ciccone

Above: Karen Hefelfinger-Dumin, Sherry Buckley and Herb Potter

Above: Rob and Patricia Andrassy

Above: Stew Wilson loves posing for the camera; the others, not so much!

Above: Richard Robertson, and Harry and Sunday Rice

Above: Bill King

Above: Andrew Barniskis

Above: Bobbie Chamberlain Gregory and Emil Oles

Above: Jean Wood-Gupta and her husband Pradodh

Above: Esther Goldbloom Kraeer, Herb Potter, and Holly Welke-Seckinger

Above: Members of the 45th Reunion Committee planned the event with great attention to detail, and the festivities reflected the months of hard work that made the entire weekend a superb experience for all who attended.  Pictured from left to right are: Ed Fulmor, Esther Shapcott Reetz, Carole Buckley, Diane Messa Canter, Carol Mauser Cost, Carol Patterson Heppe, Esther Watkins Fox and Ed Kern.


Above: The food was plentiful and beautifully presented.

Above: Classmates waiting patiently for dinner.

Above: Still waiting for dinner !

Above: And waiting . . .

Above: And waiting . . . (and drinking!) . . .

Above: And posing while waiting . . ,.

Above: And taking a nap while waiting . . .

Above: Oh what the hell, we'll go get the food ourselves !

Above: Carole Buckley, Carol Patterson Heppe and Esther Goldbloom Kraeer could care less about dinner; they're having fun reminiscing.

Above: Diane Messa Canter, Diane Griffith Cogossi, and Carola Ny Kempf look at photos taken during the 40th Reunion celebration.

Above: A Table Reserved for Classmates No Longer With Us.

Above: Memories from Pages of The Chieftain

Above: Each classmate attending the reunion was given a CD containing photos from the Class of 1963 Year Book.

Above: Extra funds collected for the Reunion were reimbursed to those attending in the form of a debit card that could be kept or donated to charity.

Above: NHS Table Centerpiece

Above: Young Friends - Life Long Friends: Carola Ny-Kempf, Bob Emery and Carol Patterson Heppe

Above: Esther Shapcott Reetz and her husband, Harry



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