50th Reunion Photos


The 50th Reunion Celebration of the Class of 1963, held October 5, 2013, was a huge success and a fun time!  Below are photos taken during the various reunion events.  Farther down on this page, you will see five sample photos taken by a professional photographer that you may purchase from her. More than 100 photos are availble for purchase.  How many of our classmates can you name from the following group photos?  The pictures following these group shots are labeled with names. Go ahead, test your memory!


Below are photos labeled with names.

Above: Carole Buckley and Ed Kern

Above: Faye Smith Hart and her husband, Richard

Above: Emil Oles and his wife, Sue

Above: Bruce Galvin and his wife, Tammy Adams-Galvin

Above: Holly Welke Seckinger and her husband, Ray

Above: Barbara Chamberlain Gregory and her husband, Gene

Above: John Cost and his friend, Larraine Lodise

Above: Carole Buckley and Herb Potter

Above: Carole Buckley and Bobbie Chamberlain Gregory

Above: Esther Watkins Fox and her husband, Chick

Above: Carole Buckley and Richard Roberston

Above: Suzanne Birk Maddock and her husband, Frank

Above: John McCarty and his wife, Marita

Above: Roy Zehner and Bob Emery

Above: Michael Sumarijanto and his wife, Ilona

Above: Harry and Sunday Rice

Above: Esther Shapcott Reetz and her husband, Harry

Above: Ed Kern and his wife, Sue

Above: Mike Sussman and his wife, Jill

Above: Cliff Heizmann and his wife, Caroline

Above: Janet Smith Hough, Kathleen Starr Hipple and Esther Kraeer Goldbloom

Above: Tom Percetti and his wife, Deb

Above: Georgia Hietz Winward, Warren Weiderhold, Tom Percetti and Bobbie Chamberlain Gregory

 Above: Carole Buckley, Michael Sumarijanto, Faye Smith Hart and her husband, Richard

The five sample pictures posted immediately below were taken by a professional photogrpaher at the reunion. More than 100 pictures are available for purchase directly from the photographer.  

You may preview the pictures and access the pricing list by clicking on the following link: http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/003046353962/neshaminyhsclassof63.

The photographer is not affiliated with the NHS Class of 1963, and our class does not receive a percentage of any photograph that is sold.  Photos that follow these five samples were taken by classmates who attended the reunion, and who submitted them for posting to our NHS Class of '63 website.  Thank you for your submissions!

Above: David Hutchinson and George Hopf

Above: Cliff Heizmann and Holly Welke Seckinger

Above: Jerry and Janis Dorland, and Jane and Tom Nebiolo

Above: Classmates and Guests Being Seated for Dinner at The Buck Hotel.

Above: Rich Gimbel, Sandra Simmons Giangrante, Bill Gerlach, James Diviny

Above: 50th Class Reunion Chairperson, Carole Buckley

Above: Holly Welke Seckinger and Barbara Moore Gibbons

Above: Carol Zerbe

Above: Emil Oles

Above: Edgar Fulmor

Above: Roy Zehner, Jackie Scheetz and Holly Welke Seckinger

Above: David Hutchinson and Carol Zerbe

Above: Carol Augustyniak Carroll, Heidi Bugno Lenhardt, Esther Goldbloom Kraeer, Barbara Rivers

Above: Tom Nebiolo

Above: Jean Wood and Gordon Hershey

Above: Stew Wilson

Above: Maryann Brostrom and David Hutchinson

Above: Ralph Basch and Bruce Galvin

Above: Holly Welke Seckinger and Carol Zerbe

Above: Henry Woodruff

Above: Barbara Rivers

Above: Paul Griffith and his wife, Patricia

Above: Brenda Weir and Gordon Hershey

Above: Sherry Buckley Warner and Jerry Dorland (Chick Fox in background)

Above: Karen Meyers and David Hutchinson

Above: Holly Welke Seckinger and her husband, Ray

Above: Mary Jo Webb Gershaw and her husband, Gary

Above: Bob Miller, Herb Potter, John McCarty and Bill Brundzo

Above: Rich Gimbel, Sandra Simmons Giangrante, Donna and Bill Gerlach, James Diviny

Above: Holly Welke Secknger and Henry Woodruff

Above: John Reeder

Above: Faye Smith Hart and Faye's husband, Richard Hart

Above: Esther Shapcott Reetz and her husband, Harry

Above: Madeline Young Cuevae and grandson, Andrew McMahon

Above: Roy Zehner

Above: Esther Shapcott Reetz, Carole Buckley and Sherry Buckley Warner

Above: Bill Mellus, Joan Hershey, Gordon Hershey, Ralph Basch, Sandra Basch and Carole Barrows

Above: Ira and Carole Barrows

Above: Holly Welke Seckinger

Above: Bob Miller and Dean Olsen

Above: EdgarFulmor and Tom Percettii

Above: Ralph Basch

Above: Bruce Galvin

Above: Edgar Fulmor

Above: Emil Oles, Sue Oles, Roy Zehner, Bill Brundzo

Above: Gene Gregory, Bobbie Chamberlain Gregory, Tom Percetti and Chick Fox

Above: Dean Olsen, Tom Nebiolo, Emil Webber, Jerry Dorland

Above: Tom Nebiolo, Jerry Dorland, Dean Olsen and Emil Webber

Above: Bill Brundzo, Chick Fox, Bobbie Chamberlain Gregory, Gene Gregory, Emil Oles, Emil Webber, Sue Oles, Dean Olsen, Roy Zehner, Tom Nebiolo, Jerry Dorland


Above: Dean Olsen and Jerry Dorland

Above: Michael Sumarijanto (r) and NHS Vice Principal Dedicating Painting from Michael and Class of '63

Above: Painting donated to NHS by classmate, Michael Sumarijanto


A Reunion Greeting From Esther Holloway

Hello from Esther Williams Holloway
 to my Classmates
Neshaminy High School, Class of 1963

I’m hoping that the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of our graduation is a wonderful experience.  I’ll be thinking of all of you and of the years we shared in high school.  Enjoy every minute of a very special milestone.

My life is happy, healthy, and delightfully busy.  Since the death of my husband Jack in 2005, I’ve rebuilt a solid life that includes loving friends and family.  I am still enchanted with the desert southwest, and I feel very lucky to have been transported here.  My daily routines start with a walk in the stunningly beautiful Sabino Canyon, and they often end with a pool workout at Canyon Ranch where my home is located.  My interests still focus on architecture, good food, great wines, healthy living, and dear friends.  Recently I committed to tapping whatever creative spirit may reside within me.  I’ve taken up a serious, if unproductive, commitment to ceramics.  If ever I make anything worthy of saving, trust that I’ll get skywriters to spread the word across the land.  Don’t hold your breath.

Esther Williams Holloway


A Special Thanks to Our Reunion Committee:

Carol Buckley - Reunion Chair
Esther Watkins Fox
Brenda Egan Cole
Ed Fulmor
Ed Kern
Sherry Buckley Warner
Diane Messa Canter
Holly Welke Seckinger
Esther Shapcott Reetz
David Rice