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09/04/08 06:08 AM #5    

Ira Barrows

This is great having the website. I look forward to the reunion. Actually it may be more like meeting new people than greeting old friends as most of us have changed considerably since those golden days of yesteryear.

Ira Barrows

09/09/08 07:16 PM #6    

Richard Robertson

It doesn't matter that I won't recognize your face and name at the reunion, we still have an unusual bond–almost like distant relatives. I plan to reintroduce my self to you and have a very relaxing evening. I’m excited! Life is so short. I never thought 45 years would pass so quickly. At the reunion I think I will feel like a small child who doesn’t want to go to bed because he might miss something fun. I’m in a unique position in our class, because I was so quiet and shy in high school that no one remembers me. When I greet you at the reunion, tell me something that you have learned about yourself as an adult that has become a new interest. We all change, and life has taught me that relationships can be very special. And that good relationships are the flowers that make a garden beautiful. I express a special thanks to everyone that helped plan this evening and to David Rice for this fine web site.

I attended the reunion because I wanted to see how old I was. I think I’m still a kid who has simply developed a bunch of body parts that either hurt or don’t work without medication. I don’t think of my self as a 63 year old man. I also wanted to see what old friends were doing because learning of their struggles and successes helps me want to do better. I’m very proud of our class, because most of us have worked very hard to make this world a better place. Some surprising observations: Bob Emery, Carol Zerbe, Mark Ciccone, Diane Messa, Holly Welke and Esther Goldbloom look like they are still in their twenties. The reunion pictures don’t do them justice. Ira Barrows hasn’t changed at all. Henry Woodruff changed the most; you wouldn’t recognize him unless you have seen him recently. I’ll try to get a picture of Henry into the photos of those who attended. I didn’t include a picture of myself because I wasn’t much to look at 45 years ago and its only gotten worse over time. Scott Parker, our class president, finally attended a reunion and he is as friendly and happy as ever. I think I know why the Magnificent Seven in charge of the reunion headed up by Carole Buckley went to so much work. They each have busy lives yet they spent countless hours putting this together for one reason: Their reward is seeing friends happy and getting together. They have been very generous as long as I have known them. People rarely change. “Thanks!”, again. I have had an interesting personal observation since returning home. I now look at other old people a little differently. I say to myself: “Not too long ago that person was a kid just like me, and we may have been best of friends if circumstances back then had thrown us together.” For a portion of the time at the reunion I sat looking at my classmates having such a good time talking with each other and sadly thought about the 30+ class mates who have already passed on. I would have given anything for them to be able to be there with us, but who knows, maybe they were. If statistics hold, we’ll lose one class member every month before our next reunion, the 50th. After that, the pace will increase. Those of us left will all face additional health challenges by then. I’m sure the down-turn in the economy will impact us all. I know of at least one class mate who did not attend this past reunion because she has no memory. “Mother Nature” is usually not very kind to the elderly and so while my few remaining brain cells permit me to reflect, I need to say “Thank you” to all those class mates who attended the reunion because we needed to see each other again. I hope heaven provides unlimited time for personal reflection such as reunions because the evening was over so quickly and everyone was so happy. I have to end this but I simply can’t say enough about how enjoyable it has been to read about everyone’s lives in this fantastic web site set up by David Rice. It’s an important thing you did for us, David: “Thanks, again!” And Carole, if I am one of the additional 45 who may not be at the next one, keep up the good work because it’s an important event that needs to be continued (but I’ll try to be there, either way.) P. S. Those class mates who only record their city in their “Profile”, please add a little more. We all benefit from it. Richard Robertson

09/11/08 09:13 PM #7    

David Rice

Richard - Your well written words about the uncertainty of tomorrow hit home with powerful force today. Two of our married neighbors were suddenly swept to their deaths yesterday (9/10/2008) in a flash flood in Utah, a state where you once lived. Rain storms in mountains many miles away raced silently, swiftly through bone dry canyons, trapping them within the polished, high walls of the Grand Staircase of Escalante National Monument. They were with their two 30-year old children and two experienced guides, each of whom survived by scrambling up ledges and hanging tight. The two who perished were very experienced hikers, climbers and outdoors enthusiasts. They would be among the least likely to be the victims of a wilderness tragedy. Is life uncertain? Yes. So, while we can, enjoy life to the fullest - especially our reunion.

09/25/08 06:14 AM #8    

Robert Emery

I applaud you on your fine work with this web site. I have remained in the area but have not had much contact with anyone. This web site has given me a chance to see how our friends have faired over the years. I feel proud of our class. I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to re-introduce themselves to us. I am looking forward to the reunion and seeing as many people as possible. Thanks to the committee for their organization and thanks to Carole for finding me.
Bob Emery

09/28/08 09:05 AM #9    

Esther Goldbloom (Kraeer)

A heartfelt thanks to Carole and her committee for the wonderful job that was done to make our reunion special! It was a great experience to see so many familiar faces, share good conversation, delicious food and much laughter. Thanks again to Dave for the hard work that went into creating this website. What a fun way to make our reunion last! Looking forward to reading more about our classmates until the 50th!

Esther Kraeer

09/29/08 07:06 PM #10    

Brenda Egan (Cole)

Our 45th reunion was great fun. Thanks to Carole and all the committee for their hard work. It was good to see so many friends from the past and hear their stories. Hopefully we can do it again in five years.

Brenda Cole

09/30/08 06:16 AM #11    

Carole Buckley

I would like to acknowledge and thank Mike Bercute for making such a generous donation to our "NHS 45th Class Reunion". Mike was unable to attend because of a prior business commitment, but wanted all of us to know how much he would liked to have been there.

We missed you and hope you can make it to the 50th!!

10/16/08 07:43 AM #12    

Barbara Knittle (Nadzam)

The Lower Bucks Family YMCA would like to thank the Neshaminy High School Class of 1963 for their generous donation to the YMCA's Holiday Giving Tree.

Because of your giving holiday spirit, we will be able to provide Holiday Gifts and Food Gift Cards to many financial stressed families in our community.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you. My warmest thoughts and best wishes to you and yours for a blessed holiday season.

Barbara Knittle Nadzam

12/24/08 06:44 AM #13    

Carole Buckley

Andy Barniskis was kind enough to send me an email that Joel Baba has passed away. For those of you who would like to read
more as printed in the Phila paper, please copy and past to your browser the link below:

Mr Baba touched many lives and will be well remembered by all.

03/07/09 06:57 AM #14    

Linda Hough (Canon)

I was unable to attend the latest reunion but I surely am enjoying this website!!!

Have connected to, at least, 5 people since Drew Antonelli E-mailed me with the address. Thanks Drew and all who have contributed to this venue.

As we age, I find a need to learn the destiny of those I used to know. I may not recognize them any more, but their innate personality is still there.

If you remember me from high school, please let me know how you are and where life took you.

Linda Hough Canon

07/16/09 08:40 PM #15    

Brenda Egan (Cole)

Some sad news to report-fellow classmate John V. McCabe passed away Sunday July 12th. John died at home in Wilmington, Del. after a long battle with brain cancer. He is survived by his wife Colleen and daughter Aileen and granddaughter Vivian.
John was in the Vietnam War and received the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Medal of Valor and the Cross of Gallantry. He was a wonderful friend and human being and will be greatly missed.
His obituary was in the Bucks Co. Courier Times on Wed. July 15th.

09/08/09 01:32 PM #16    

Arlene Young (Schwarz--Now Alyehs)

Gordon Hershey
I've been dreaming about being in touch with you for years. Please contact me on this forum or at my e-mail, If you're coming to Israel, let me know. I'm here for the long term.

12/20/09 02:53 PM #17    

Roy Zehner

Neat site...Thanks for the effort. As for me? Living at the Jersey Shore, and imagine, before seeing a UFO, I actually received a SS Check!!! Life's been an amazing adventure, from college, Nam, flying, sailing (three TransAtlantics under sail), reading, business, father...whew, I'm tired thinking about it. Had a wonderful reunion, finally danced to the oldies!! Good seeing everyone. It's sad knowing some have departed, but surely we've all had great lives. God's been on our side.

For now...Merry Christmas!! And may the New Year be kind and generous. Say "Hi" at or facebook...Warm regards to all....R

02/01/10 04:51 PM #18    

Herbert Potter

As I look through the list of our classmates it saddens me to see so many have pasted away and there are no comments by them or anyone, I would hope that anyone who knew any classmate without a comment by their name would please write something no one should leave us with any memories thanks Herb

02/26/10 11:31 AM #19    

Robert Mayers


This is awesome! I'm so glad I found it. Really professional looking and terrific functionality. I just set up my wife's site that I listed using Intuit. But this - - this is a masterpeice.

02/27/10 02:36 AM #20    

David Rice

Hi, Bob!

Glad you like the web site. I live in California near San Francisco with my wife, who is disabled with multiple sclerosis. So, I can't really travel to reunions. Helping our Class through this web site is my small way of helping Carole Buckley and the other hard working members of our reunion committee bring our classmates together. It was very nice to hear from you. All the best! David Rice

07/24/10 09:50 AM #21    

David Rice

Regarding Patricia Rifkin Mansolino

Pat and I were married on July 3, 1965.  We had two beautiful children, Ron Jr and Aliza Lynn. Both are now successful adults, Ron living in Philly and Aliza in Burlington VT.  For the most part, Pat did not work after we married, instead devoting herself to raising our children and caring for our home, and, of course, being a wonderful and loving wife.  We lived in Philadelphia, primarily in the Northeast section of the city.  Besides her children, Pat had two things she loved: music and needlework.  Pat become a very accomplished guitar player, and loved the local folk scene.  We spent many happy hours at area folk clubs, and of course, the annual summer Philadelphia Folk Festival.  She also had an amazing talent in needlework, doing some beautiful pieces in crewel embroidery.  I still have some of these pieces today, and they are among my most cherised possessions.  Unfortunately, Pat fell victim to a long term chronic illness, and spent the last ten or so years of her life being pretty much homebound.  However, she never lost her wit, sense of humor or beautiful smile.

Pat passed away on June 15, 1993.  She was only 48 years old.  I still have her copy of "The Chieftan" for 1963.  She was as beautiful on her last day as she was in her yearbook picture. I have gone on to have a successful career, and (just recently) remarried.  I know she is in a better place, and that she is happy for me.  I will never forget her.

She loved her time at Neshaminy, and often said they were among the happiest years of her life.
Thanks so much for the opportunity to share this information with all her classmates and friends.

Yours truly,

Ron Mansolino

10/12/11 07:42 AM #22    

Emil Webber

Question for all - Does anyone out there have a contact with any person from the class of '62 who may know something about their upcoming 50th. reunion (next year, if they are even having one)?

I received an email from someone in their class who has no contact with any classmates asking me if I could find out any details - contact person, email address, etc.

Thanks for your help.

03/27/12 11:11 AM #23    

Carol Patterson (Heppe)

Hello Everyone!

We just had our initial planning session for the 50th reunion last night.  Esther Watkins Fox hosted the meeting.  I was reminded on this site....rarely remember to visit!  Carole Buckley, or someone from the committee, will  be online with preliminary information as soon as it is available. 

Look forward to hearing from and seeing some "old" friends!

Carol Patterson Heppe

03/27/12 11:12 AM #24    

Carol Patterson (Heppe)

Ooppps!  Typo...hate typos!  I was reminded OF this site!


01/16/13 05:01 AM #25    

Kathleen Starr (Hipple)

Does anyone know who would be doing all "this" for class of 64?  My sister has never heard from anyone. 

08/10/14 02:27 PM #26    


Brenda Weir

I'm planning on retiring in two years and moving back to PA or NJ.  I have daughters in both states.  Does anyone have suggestions?  I want to be near either Columbus, NJ or Norristown, PA.  I am considering a gated community/55 and older.  Thanks for any ideas or suggestions you might have.  I did see The Homestead in Columbus which as very impressive.  Bren

08/11/14 05:01 AM #27    

Faye Smith (Hart)

Hi Brenda,

Try Four Seasons (Hovnanian Community) in Columbus NJ.  We have owned a house there since 2006.  Great community programs, well maintained community, and nice people.  Our home is actually rented now since we live in Florida.  Probably will be selling it when our tenants lease is up in two years.  If I didn't relocate to FL would have stayed in Four Seasons as long as possible.

Faye Hart


08/14/14 12:07 PM #28    


Brenda Weir

Dear Faye,

Thanks for the information.  What is the address?  Perhaps I'd be interested in buying it in two years.  At least I could go see it.  What are you considering for an asking price?  Bren

06/02/19 08:39 AM #29    

Jerry Dorland





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